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SubjectRe: High pitch noise when ACPI processor module is loaded.

On Mon, 25 Jan 2010, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:

> On Mon, 25 Jan 2010, Justin Piszcz wrote:
>> So the question remains, is it possible to utilize turbo boost (in Linux)
>> without the high pitch noise from the ACPI processor module?
> Well, I am tempted to say you should consider getting a higher quality
> motherboard (or, if it is just yours that sing, get it replaced on warranty
> as that would mean you got one with bad components).
> That said, if Windows can get that motherboard to shut up, so should Linux.
> You just need to find the right knob to push that will make the power draw
> behaviour more like whatever Windows is doing.
> The first good bet is to limit core C-state depth, e.g, to C3 (instead of
> C5/C6), and if thet doesn't work, to C2. After that, you can try limiting
> package C-states if your BIOS will let you (I don't know if we can do that
> distinction in Linux right now... do we?), play with cpufreq limiting the
> core frequency changes, etc.
> And of course, try all scheduler frequencies, with and without NO_HZ.
> What motherboard is this?
Intel's DP55KG Extreme motherboard, yes I will try changing the c-state
later and hopefully that will fix the problem, thanks. Again, the board
never makes any noise in the BIOS or Windows or Linux, only when you load
the cpufreq-processor module.


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