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SubjectRe: [suspend/resume] Re: userspace notification from module
Am Samstag, 2. Januar 2010 15:27:12 schrieb Bartłomiej Zimoń:
> > Register your pids to the kernel module, e.g. via ioctl, and if the
> > (intra-kernel) notification will be delivered to your module you just
> > send a signal to your registered processes via kill_proc_info(). Guess
> > this is at least better than polling a file or sth similar.
> >
> > I guess netlink could be the "cleaner" solution, but with more overhead?!
> >
> This looks like more simple and could be good, after all i think about sending this
> module here to add to kernel. So if this solution could be ok i will start to code this part.

This has all sorts of implications starting with fork() and going to passing
fds over sockets and so on. It is a very bad idea. Use a standard device
and all infrastructure for getting SIGIO is in place.

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