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    SubjectRe: SATA_SIL on IXP425 workaround
    > I think that you misinterpreted the issue -- according to Krzysztof MMIO
    > works just fine, only 8/16-bit MMIO reads are a problem (please note that
    > using mixed PIO/MMIO access is still a win over pure PIO access and also
    > that sata_sil doesn't support pure non-MMIO operations currently)..

    Have we got timing measurements to prove that ?
    > However if it gets fixed in the upstream kernel in some other way I'll
    > simply drop the patch during the next re-base of my tree (I just collect
    > ATA stuff that looks useful/interesting to me and which otherwise may
    > become lost)..

    And that's a good thing. The question was aimed at Krzysztof. Really we
    need to keep platform specific weirdness out of core drivers or the
    rapidly turn into a mess.

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