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    SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] accouting: account if a task was killed by OOM killer
    On 01/14/2010 06:54 AM, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > On Mon, 11 Jan 2010 14:40:34 +0800
    > Xiaotian Feng<> wrote:
    >> This patch introduces a new accounting flag which is set when a task
    >> was killed by OOM killer. taskstats can tell users when a job has been
    >> killed by the oomkiller.
    > Why is this useful? I'd be looking for a description of some
    > operational scenario where this feature is valuable to an operator?

    users of taskstats need to know if a job is killed by OOM killer, then
    perform some automation jobs or notifications.
    But current taskstats logs AXSIG if a job is killed by signal, so users
    will be confused by SIGKILL, SIGTERM or OOM killer.

    > The description is incomplete. The patch also alters the contents of
    > the BSD accounting records. That's a change to an ancient interface
    > and needs a bit of exposure and thought. Is it good to put such a
    > highly linux-specific and somewhat linux-version-specific field into
    > such a venerable userspace interface?
    > If we _do_ decide to change the BSD accounting records in this manner
    > then presumably a manpage will need to be updated. A cc to
    > would be appropriate.

    The BSD accounting part is not necessary, I just made it same as
    taskstats, we can drop BSD accounting part.

    > But I'm not very convinced about this whole idea at present, personally.
    >> include/linux/acct.h | 1 +
    >> include/linux/taskstats.h | 2 +-
    >> kernel/acct.c | 2 ++
    >> kernel/tsacct.c | 2 ++
    > I'm a bit surprised that getdelays.c doesn't print ac_flag.

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