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SubjectRe: [ibm-acpi-devel] 2.6.33-rc2: regression: gkrellm no longer shows all the temperatures on thinkpad x60

> > > Well, I'm not sure its completely fixed. I got this in my syslog:
> > >
> > > thinkpad_acpi: THERMAL EMERGENCY: a sensor reports something is
> > > extremely hot!
> > > thinkpad_acpi: temperatures (Celsius): 95 47 N/A 89 47 N/A 41 N/A 51
> > > 61 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
> >
> > And the extremely hot sensor is that 89°C, which is the GPU I think (varies
> > from thinkpad to thinkpad). That is not normal, and I'd say it needs
> > repair, probably a badly seated heatsink or failed thermal interface
> > compound.

Well, I'd prefer not to open it unless absolutely neccessary. It is my
primary machine.

> Hmm... come to think of it, the CPU is also quite hot (95°C), and it usually
> shares the heatsink system with the GPU/north bridge, so the problem might
> be on the CPU side of things.
> While it can easily be a hardware problem in the heatsink, we could also
> have a screwed up ACPI thermal control in our hands once again (either
> kernel bug, or bogus ACPI firmware in the laptop).

Well, galeon (web browser) started misbehaving -- eating 100% cpu --
lately, so maybe that's it.

(cesky, pictures)
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