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    SubjectRe: Can we remove pci_find_device() yet?
    On Tue, 2010-01-12 at 21:34 +0100, Krzysztof Halasa wrote:
    > Greg KH <> writes:
    > > Close, but if you do this, please name the function
    > > hisax_find_pci_device() or something, and change the drivers to use it
    > > instead. Also put a big fat warning in the function that calling this
    > > is unsafe for any PCI hotplug type machine.
    > BTW, I have a driver in the works which uses these functions, and I
    > wonder how to do it correctly. The problem is that the hardware is a
    > dual-function PCI card (two DEC Tulip Ethernet controllers) but part of
    > the first device (EEPROM interface or something like that) is used by
    > both (there is an FPGA connected there, serving both channels).
    > This means drivers for dev#0 and dev#1 (both "normal" PCI controllers)
    > need to register and access part of dev#0 BARs.

    I hope you realise that this is a design error! Linux is fairly
    forgiving and allows PCI drivers to do unusual things, but other OSes
    make it hard or impossible for PCI drivers to coordinate multiple

    > How do I do that properly, in terms of PCI API?

    One of our older controllers had a similar design error in that the two
    functions would sometimes have to be reset together. The way we look
    for the second function is:

    dev = pci_dev_get(dev1);
    while ((dev = pci_get_device(vendor_id, device_id, dev))) {
    if (dev->bus == dev1->bus &&
    dev->devfn == dev1->devfn + 1) {
    dev2 = dev;

    I assume this is 'properly' since no-one has told me otherwise.


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