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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/2] net: tcp_header_len_th and tcp_option_len_th
Eric Dumazet wrote:
> Its better to inline your patches so that we can comment them, without copy/paste
> When I hit 'reply to', my mailer only quoted the ChangeLog, not the patch.
Seeing that we're both using Mozilla, how to you do it?

It took me many attempts to get this to work with Thunderbird on the Mac.

> Anyway ..
> +/* Length of standard options only. This could be negative. */
> +static inline int tcp_option_len_th(const struct tcphdr *th)
> +{
> + return (int)(th->doff * 4) - sizeof(*th);
> +}
> The (int) cast is not necessary, since the function returns a signed int
> ->
> return th->doff * 4 - sizeof(*th);
Then GCC must be smarter than it was in the past, as doff is an __u16
bit slice -- once upon a time, a cast was required before subtraction.
One of the dis/advantages of C programming for 30+ years is that my
fingers remember some fairly old practices....

(But this still works properly!)

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