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SubjectRe: staging/et131x Driver Transmits but does not Receive Packets
> I then blacklisted iwlagn and r8169 and rebooted, retrying
> and but was no longer able to ping anything. So when it
> works and when not is still intermittent. (And the only interfaces up
> were eth1 and lo, not eth0 (r8169) or wlan0 (iwlagn) in case someone
> wonders)

That looks like an interrupt problem. With iwlagn and r8169 blacklisted
see what interrupt number the et131x gets (cat /proc/interrupts) and see
if it goes up whenever you send/receive stuff.

If not then I don't think its an et131x problem but an IRQ routing
problem (eg a bad BIOS table, or a kernel bug elsewhere)

> I do not think i am yet at a point where git bisect would be useful.


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