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SubjectRe: task imap:2958 blocked for more than 120 seconds
On Sunday 10 January 2010 21.05:46 Johannes Hirte wrote:
> I've observed this hanging task now several times. Not sure when this
> started, but 2.6.32 is affected too, IIRC. I don't have a test pattern
> for this. Dovecot imap triggers this from time to time. I've enabled
> CONFIG_DETECT_HUNG_TASK now and got this two tasks which hang:

I've had vey similar hangs occasionally; don't remember if they were the
exact same code path or not.

"btrfs-vol -b" on an 2T btrfs fs (raid 1 mode over 4 disks) on an arm CPU
has triggered it several times, so it seems a reliable way to reproduce

Unfortunately log rotation has already killed the messages. Do you want me
to re-run? 2.6.32 kernel, btrfs-progs from git about 4 weeks ago.

-- vbi

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