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SubjectRe: [PATCH] proc: revert to show stack information in /proc/{pid}/status
KOSAKI Motohiro <> writes:
> Anyway, I revert the regresstion patch as other regression patches. if you really want
> this feature, you have three options.
> 1. create new /proc file instead to use /proc/pid/status.
> 2. improve performance until typical use-case don't notice regression.
> 3. change ps and other /proc related userland implementation and resubmit this patch.
> But even if you choose anything, You have to test both its functional and performance
> _before_ submitting kernel patch.

4. Leave everything alone (revert all the commits) and use a ptrace
based tool to get this information when you need it.

That is what I suggested during the original code review and I still think
it's the best solution for such a obscure problem.


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