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    SubjectRe: tree with htc dream support

    (sorry for long response time, holidays with poor network connection).

    > >> and get the core stuff in there so clock, power, etc support is there
    > >> for the platform rather than have it live in staging purgatory.
    > >>
    > >> Since this stuff is integral to mach-msm, required for essential
    > >> operation of the platform, and makes sense to be part of the mach-msm
    > >> codebase, why not just fix it there rather than move it out into
    > >> staging and then back?  I'm not sure what that gains us.
    > >
    > > Well, it is in staging now. I just want you to use the existing
    > > version, instead of adding another one.
    > I'm trying to understand where the version in staging came from, how
    > it's been changed, etc, so I can resolve that against what we have
    > that's known good and shipping today and make sure we're not losing
    > bugfixes and such along the way.

    > Do you remember where the smd code that you put into staging came
    > from, exactly? Unfortunately since things have been moved, modified,
    > renamed, etc, getting clean diffs is a bit of an adventure right
    > now.

    I believe the version in staging is from 2.6.29-msm tree. Anyway,
    changes should be pretty simple to see on diff -u (I belive I tried
    that at one point).

    (cesky, pictures)
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