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    SubjectRe: [patch 3/4 -mm] flex_array: poison free elements
    On Wed, 9 Sep 2009, Li Zefan wrote:

    > > Gack, ftrace_page would probably be better off simply using the flex list
    > > implementation I suggested which constructs a list from page->lru since it
    > > doesn't appear to require indexing into the array, it simply requires an
    > > iteration in all cases (or am I wrong?). Flex lists could easily be made
    > > to support seqfiles.
    > >
    > Right, iteration is needed but indexing is not. I thought
    > about flex list too, flex array has some limitations which
    > make it hard to find a real user.

    I agree, the cgroup pidarray could be converted into a flex list
    implementation as well as ftrace_page, it appears. All the metadata can
    be stored by overloading struct page and linking them in a dynamically
    expanding list on page->lru.

    I'm thinking Andrew will want to see some user of this library in 2.6.32
    that cannot be served by a flex list type of implementation if we're to
    keep it merged in the kernel.

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