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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/2]: Get perf counters working on D-cache aliasing cpus.

* David Miller <> wrote:

> With Jen's Axboe's basic sparc counter patch in my tree I started
> playing with it on sparc64. Turns out it won't work on anything
> pre-Niagara.
> The issue is D-cache aliasing between the kernel side mapping and
> the user side mapping of the perf event ring buffer.
> The following two patches attempt to address this issue and are
> working properly on my test machine.

Oh, great!

The only (small) worry would be that this uses vmalloc space on
32-bit platforms which is generally a scarce resource.

IMHO it's not a big issue as the typical workflow would be to have
just a handful of perf ring-buffers around and most of the
performance work happens in the 64-bit space anyway.

One practical complication is lots of tracepoints and perf trace:
but we can solve that via output buffer multiplexing:
PERF_COUNTER_IOC_SET_OUTPUT - which is implemented in
tip:perfcounters/core but not yet propagated to the tools. That
would be desirable to do anyway, to enable time-coherent trace
entries, etc.


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