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SubjectZaurus suspend saga

Even with mtd regression fixed, spitz will still not suspend/resume

I got hint that SPI suspend may be responsible...

With 2.6.31-rc7:

with corgi_enter_suspend stubbed out and parts of spitz_should_wakeup
disabled, it suspends/resumes ok.

spitz_pm.c parts -- yes it controls wakeup, but it only seems to read GPIOs?

spitz_should_wakeup: printks do not signal this triggers, perhaps
change is not strictly neccessary.

sharpsl_fatal_check seems to trigger, sending machine to sleep :-(.

fatal reads invalid values -- -108 -- probably because spi is not ready?

is spi suspend/resume required? yes.; and yes spi is resumed too late
in the sequence. Or perhaps fatal battery check is way too early.

Could someone confirm that simply removing sharpsl_fatal_check() fixes
zaurus suspend on 2.6.31?

(cesky, pictures)

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