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SubjectHR timers prevent an itimer from generating EINTR?

Mixing HR timers with itimers occasionally hides an EINTR from a
blocking syscall.


In my test program I have a High Resolution timer firing every one
second (with SA_RESTART) and I set an itimer (without SA_RESTART) to
fire after three seconds. I then execute a blocking system call (flock
in this case) and expect the three second itimer to interrupt the system
call with EINTR. However, I frequently notice that the itimer will fire
but it will not interrupt the blocking system call. There appears to be
a race between the HR timer firing and the itimer firing. If I offset
the HR timer frequency by a half second, the itimer always interrupts
the system call.

Kernel version:

These kernels both demonstrate the condition:

I do not see this condition on:


Test program:

The following program illustrates this condition:

Is this behavior expected?




Mike Heffner <>

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