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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Remove pty_ops_bsd and pty_bsd_ioctl() as they're not used
On Mon, 28 Sep 2009 15:55:44 +0100
David Howells <> wrote:

> Alan Cox <> wrote:
> > > Possibly legacy_pty_init() should be passing this to tty_set_operations()
> > > rather than pty_ops.
> >
> > It should indeed, otherwise the BSD pty locking ioctl fails.
> In that case, what should be using pty_ops? If CONFIG_LEGACY_PTYS=n, then I
> see:
> drivers/char/pty.c:314: warning: unused variable `pty_ops'

You'd have to go and check the old code but I believe one side of the BSD
pair uses pty_ops the other pty_bsd ops, and unix98 uses different ops

All it does is make sure the right ioctls appear on the right devices.
Quite why the can't all use one and a simple if in the ioctl handler I'm
not sure

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