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    Subject[PATCHv1 0/3] OMAP UART: Adding support for omap-serial driver.

    Hi All,

    Resubmitting, After modifying patch series as per Tony's comments.

    The Following series of patch adds support for OMAP3430-HIGH SPEED UART Controller.

    [PATCHv1 1/3] - Adds support for omap-serial driver also includes header, Kconfig and Makefile.
    [ Patch v1- Removed SERIAL_OMAP_UARTx_RXDMA_BUFSIZE and
    SERIAL_OMAP_UARTx_RXDMA_BUFSIZE from Kconfig, incorporated into platform data.]

    [PATCHv1 2/3] - Adds platform data support for omap-serial driver.
    [ Patch v1- Incorporated rx bufsize and rx timoeout values and avoided using config
    option. ]

    [PATCHv1 3/3] - Adds omap-serial driver support in omap_3430sdp_defconfig.
    [ No Changes ]


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