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Subject[2.6.31] Memory leak in SCSI initialization?

I can see below message appears for 15 times in
/sys/kernel/debug/kmemleak after processing /init inside initramfs.

unreferenced object 0xdeadb5c8 (size 32):
comm "insmod", pid 543, jiffies 4294674766
[<c048a22c>] create_object+0x135/0x202
[<c048a31e>] kmemleak_alloc+0x25/0x49
[<c04865d9>] kmemleak_alloc_recursive+0x1c/0x22
[<c0486d33>] __kmalloc+0x6c/0xb9
[<c04f5675>] kvasprintf+0x2d/0x4a
[<c04ef5af>] kobject_set_name_vargs+0x21/0x50
[<c054bbd7>] dev_set_name+0x1a/0x1c
[<e08dc1b7>] scsi_sysfs_device_initialize+0x8b/0xe4 [scsi_mod]
[<e08d9bbf>] scsi_alloc_sdev+0x134/0x18f [scsi_mod]
[<e08d9e7a>] scsi_probe_and_add_lun+0x107/0xa98 [scsi_mod]
[<e08da946>] __scsi_scan_target+0x70/0x4b1 [scsi_mod]
[<e08dadbe>] scsi_scan_channel+0x37/0x60 [scsi_mod]
[<e08dae9f>] scsi_scan_host_selected+0xb8/0xf1 [scsi_mod]
[<e08daf2c>] do_scsi_scan_host+0x54/0x5d [scsi_mod]
[<e08db2ef>] scsi_scan_host+0x14d/0x165 [scsi_mod]
[<e0959771>] mptspi_probe+0x2cd/0x2f8 [mptspi]

Environment is CentOS 5.3 on i686 .
The content of /init is shown below.


mount -t proc /proc /proc
echo Mounting proc filesystem
echo Mounting sysfs filesystem
mount -t sysfs /sys /sys
echo Creating /dev
mount -o mode=0755 -t tmpfs /dev /dev
mkdir /dev/pts
mount -t devpts -o gid=5,mode=620 /dev/pts /dev/pts
mkdir /dev/shm
mkdir /dev/mapper
echo Creating initial device nodes
mknod /dev/null c 1 3
mknod /dev/zero c 1 5
mknod /dev/systty c 4 0
mknod /dev/tty c 5 0
mknod /dev/console c 5 1
mknod /dev/ptmx c 5 2
mknod /dev/rtc c 10 135
mknod /dev/tty0 c 4 0
mknod /dev/tty1 c 4 1
mknod /dev/tty2 c 4 2
mknod /dev/tty3 c 4 3
mknod /dev/tty4 c 4 4
mknod /dev/tty5 c 4 5
mknod /dev/tty6 c 4 6
mknod /dev/tty7 c 4 7
mknod /dev/tty8 c 4 8
mknod /dev/tty9 c 4 9
mknod /dev/tty10 c 4 10
mknod /dev/tty11 c 4 11
mknod /dev/tty12 c 4 12
mknod /dev/ttyS0 c 4 64
mknod /dev/ttyS1 c 4 65
mknod /dev/ttyS2 c 4 66
mknod /dev/ttyS3 c 4 67
echo Setting up hotplug.
echo Creating block device nodes.
echo "Loading jbd.ko module"
insmod /lib/jbd.ko
echo "Loading ext3.ko module"
insmod /lib/ext3.ko
echo "Loading scsi_mod.ko module"
insmod /lib/scsi_mod.ko
echo "Loading sd_mod.ko module"
insmod /lib/sd_mod.ko
echo "Loading scsi_transport_spi.ko module"
insmod /lib/scsi_transport_spi.ko
echo "Loading mptbase.ko module"
insmod /lib/mptbase.ko
echo "Loading mptscsih.ko module"
insmod /lib/mptscsih.ko
echo "Loading mptspi.ko module"
insmod /lib/mptspi.ko
echo Waiting for driver initialization.
stabilized --hash --interval 1000 /proc/scsi/scsi
echo Scanning and configuring dmraid supported devices
echo Creating root device.
mkrootdev -t ext3 -o noatime,nodiratime,ro sda1
echo Mounting root filesystem.
mount /sysroot
echo Setting up other filesystems.
echo Switching to new root and running init.

This is a different one from the one solved by applying .


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