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SubjectRe: [GIT PULL] please pull ummunotify

> Linus, please consider pulling from
> ummunotify
> This tree is also available from mirrors at:
> git:// ummunotify
> This will get "ummunotify," a new character device that allows a
> userspace library to register for MMU notifications; this is
> particularly useful for MPI implementions (message passing libraries
> used in HPC) to be able to keep track of what wacky things consumers
> do to their memory mappings. My colleague Jeff Squyres from the Open
> MPI project posted a blog entry about why MPI wants this:
> His summary of ummunotify:
> "It???s elegant, doesn???t require strange linker tricks, and seems to
> work in all cases. Yay!"
> This code went through several review iterations on lkml and was in
> -mm and -next for quite a few weeks. Andrew is OK with merging it (I
> think -- Andrew please correct me if I misunderstood you).

I don't remember seeing discussion of this on lkml. Yes it is in

Basically it allows app to 'trace itself'? ...with interesting mmap()
interface, exporting int to userspace, hoping it behaves atomically...?


(cesky, pictures)

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