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SubjectRe: [GIT] HID patches for 2.6.32 merge window
Hi Jiri,

> > > could you please pull from 'for-linus' branch of
> > >
> > > git:// for-linus
> > >
> > > to receive HID patches accumulated for 2.6.32 merge window.
> >
> > I am missing the patch to free the transport drivers from having to
> > manually disconnect hidinput and hidraw. All the hid->claimed handling
> > should really be hidden from the transport drivers.
> Hi Marcel,
> right, thanks for spotting this. The patch below has been rotting in my
> 'waiting-for-ack' queue for quite some time. I was apparently waiting for
> your Ack for the drivers/net/bluetooth part, and forgot about it when it
> didn't come.
> If you're OK with that, I'll include it in the next pile. Thanks.

you need to redo it against the net-next-2.6 tree or wait until Linus
merged that one. Otherwise it will clash with a temporary solution that
I already pushed some time ago.



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