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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] fat: Read buffer overflow
    OGAWA Hirofumi <> writes:

    > Pekka Enberg <> writes:
    >> Yes, but we pass "ulen" to vfat_is_used_badchars(). The value of
    >> "ulen" is a returned in the "longlen" argument of xlate_to_uni() which
    >> in turn is calculated as follows for the UTF-8 case:
    >> int name_len = strlen(name);
    >> *outlen = utf8s_to_utf16s(name, PATH_MAX, (wchar_t *) outname);
    >> *outlen -= (name_len - len);
    >> *longlen = *outlen;
    >> Maybe "*outlen" can never be negative because of some invariants that
    >> I don't see but it's so non-obvious to me that I'd like to see the
    >> explicit check in vfat_is_used_badchars().
    > Ah, good point. Sorry, I was looking my tree. I'm going to submit the
    > attached patch on next merge window.
    > Is this enough for it?

    BTW, if we want the sanity check of "longlen", I'd like to put it in the
    end of xlate_to_uni(), not vfat_is_used_badchars(). Because I think it's
    job of xlate_to_uni().

    OGAWA Hirofumi <>

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