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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/7] AlacrityVM guest drivers Reply-To:
On 08/06/2009 03:08 PM, Gregory Haskins wrote:
>> Merging the guest first means relying on
>> kernel interface from an out of tree driver, which well might change
>> before it goes in.
> ABI compatibility is already addressed/handled, so even if that is true its not a problem.

Really the correct way to address the ABI is to publish a spec and write
both host and guest drivers to that. Unfortunately we didn't do this
with virtio.

It becomes more important when you have multiple implementations (e.g.
Windows drivers).

>>> This series implements the guest-side drivers for accelerated IO
>>> when running on top of the AlacrityVM hypervisor, the details of
>>> which you can find here:
>> Since AlacrityVM is kvm based, Cc
> I *can* do that, but there is nothing in these drivers that is KVM specific (its all pure PCI and VBUS). I've already made the general announcement about the project/ml cross posted to KVM for anyone that might be interested, but I figure I will spare the general KVM list the details unless something specifically pertains to, or affects, KVM. For instance, when I get to pushing the hypervisor side, I still need to work on getting that 'xinterface' patch to you guys. I would certainly be CC'ing kvm@vger when that happens since it modifies the KVM code.
> So instead, I would just encourage anyone interested (such as yourself) to join the alacrity list so I don't bother the KVM community unless absolutely necessary.

It's true that vbus is a separate project (in fact even virtio is
completely separate from kvm). Still I think it would be of interest to
many kvm@ readers.

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