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SubjectRe: linux-arm-kernel useless for development (was Re: Your message to Linux-arm-kernel awaits moderator approval)
On Thu 2009-08-06 11:44:21, Russell King wrote:

> It appears the answer to that is no. People are free to subscribe to
> the one on vger, where they won't have to "put up" with me. However,
> it seems that people much prefer to subscribe to my lists, because that
> seems to be where the expertise is.
> Moreover,
> (a) when ever you have a problem, you go shouting and making public
> accusations without trying first to resolve the problem in private.

When I tried asking in private, I was told to stop complaining or loose
my mailing list subscription. I'd prefer not to make that mistake again.

> (c) you really don't understand that "held for moderation" is *not*
> rejection, but merely a case of mailman spotting something it doesn't
> like and letting a *human* deal with it rather than out-right rejecting
> it.

For lakml, held for moderation _does_ mean it will return with
"posting rejected: no reason given" in few days. I have never seen any
other result, and have got perfectly reasonable messages rejected with
"no reason". So no, I do not believe there's cooperative human being
moderating lakml.

> I wonder, do you even know what happened to the message you're whinging
> about? Would you prefer that your message was silently dropped into
> /dev/null instead of having a chance of the issue being resolved? It
> strikes me that _that_ would be a better solution than all your
> whinging.

So... your solution to broken mailing list is to silence everyone who

(cesky, pictures)

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