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    SubjectRe: [Patch 0/7] Implement crashkernel=auto
    Amerigo Wang <> writes:

    >> No the crashdump mechanism is useless because user space is already
    >> broken and unusable.
    > Again, why broken?

    To get a stock stat drive by hand I had to list about 5 kernel modules
    in the right magic order in /etc/kdump.conf

    Neither mount by label or mount by uuid when specified in /etc/kdump.conf
    I had to hack mkdumprd to get an initrd that even finds the proper disk
    to mount.

    Short version it takes a huge amount of expertise to get what ships with
    fedora to pass the trivial alt-sysrq-c test. It would probably be about
    as easy to write you own custom initrd by hand.


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