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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/2] sound: make OSS device number claiming optional
    > 1. Merge the weird switch thing and the extra standard chrdev module
    > alias patch

    Might as well fake the normal aliases in soundcore if loaded rather than
    pollute chardev with it but otherwise I think we agree.

    > 2. Add to feature-removal that snd-slot/service-* are going away in a
    > year along with the weird switches. This allows people who wish to
    > try or switch in the meantime to do so.


    > 3. After a year, drop module loading related code from sound_core
    > along with the weird config option and kernel parameter.

    Do we need soundcore at all at that point ? It seems phase 3 is "move any
    needed logic to ALSA oss emulation and kill it off"

    > In the end, the only choice we have to make is whether to keep
    > snd-slot/service-* aliases. If we're gonna (I don't see why tho), the

    I think we need to for a year or so - and its trivial to do so.

    > cleanest way would be to teach chrdev about aliases. If not, the best
    > way is to add a switch so that it can be phased out gradually.

    In the mean time if you are grabbing just some minors sound_core.c:chains
    also needs keeping in sync with direct character range grabs because your
    CUSE based device might grab some minors before sound_core, and then it
    appears tears will result ?

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