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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/6] Add support for LZO-compressed kernels
    On Mon,  3 Aug 2009 16:58:18 +0200
    Albin Tonnerre <> wrote:

    > This is the first part of the lzo patch
    > The lzo compressor is worse than gzip at compression, but faster at
    > extraction. Here are some figures for an ARM board I'm working on:
    > Uncompressed size: 3.24Mo
    > gzip 1.61Mo 0.72s
    > lzo 1.75Mo 0.48s
    > So for a compression ratio that is still relatively close to gzip, it's
    > much faster to extract, at least in that case.

    Is 3.2Mb a typical kernel size for small systems? It sounds large.

    0.24 seconds booting speedup sounds pretty thin. Adding a new
    decompression format will introduce more configuration/build/deployment
    complexities. How do we justify this?

    Did anyone look into just speeding up the gzip decompressor?

    > +#ifdef STATIC

    What is this STATIC thing for?

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