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SubjectRe: The msr_safe functions and returning -EFAULT
On 08/30/09 14:05, H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Right now, the *msr_safe() functions are returning -EFAULT. As far as I
> can tell, this makes absolutely no sense -- EFAULT is a nonsensical
> error (it means a pointer into user memory given to a system call is
> invalid), and the only user that seems to use this as anything other
> than a boolean is the MSR driver, which wants EIO.
> Sending out an email in case I have missed any instances, but I'm
> inclined to just change this to EIO globally.
> Anyone has objections?

I think the only rationale for EFAULT is that the *msr will fail with
GP, and a GPing instruction will send a SIGSEGV to usermode, and EFAULT
is the synchronous error-code equiv of SIGSEGV. Sorta.

EIO makes more sense overall. Or ENXIO.


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