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SubjectRe: Flooded by do_IRQ: 0.91 No irq handler for vector
On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 08:30:08PM -0300, Luis Fernando Planella Gonzalez wrote:


>I can't remember since when I've started seeing this, but since 2.6.23
>or 2.6.24, I think.
>Nowadays, I'm on Ubuntu 9.04, which is kernel 2.6.28.
>I'm flooded by the message: "do_IRQ: 0.91 No irq handler for vector"
>when in TTY.
>This is really annoying for text-base operation or in distros like
>sidux, where KDE watches syslog and shows a notification for every new
>Believe me, there are thousands of such notifications...
>Here is the dmesg results just after logging in:
> (yes, I've
>posted it in ubuntu forums with no succes ;)
>In this log, it's possible to see that the first time do_IRQ
>complains, it says: "do_IRQ: 0.99 No irq handler for vector". All
>others are for 0.91.
>I've tried adding the noirqbalance argument to kernel, and messed with
>everything related to IRQ in the BIOS with no success...
>Anybody, please help!!!

Hmm, I met a similar problem, on i386 2.6.29.

The more interesting thing is that the normal boot is fine but a kexec boot
will have this BUG_ON (about 50% chance), even 'irqpoll' doesn't help...

My guess is that maybe some driver failed to request_irq during kexec
boot, but I can't figure out which driver it is... Note, vector number
is 0x79.

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