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SubjectRe: Is acpi_ec_ecdt_probe() broken? (was: Re: ACPI locks hardware devices when it doesn't detect vista)
On Sunday 30 August 2009, Mario wrote:
> Maxim,
> I did the test regarding last coment from Alexey Starikovskiy on the bugzilla.
> >What happens if acpi_ec_ecdt_probe() is not called at all? Do you have same
> >hang as with changed order?
> That did it. System starts and MIR works ok without setpci solution.

Could you please put that information into the Bugzilla entry at (you'll need to create a
Bugzilla account for yourself for this purpose, sorry for the inconvenience)?

The ACPI people generally use the Bugzilla rather than e-mail for tracking


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