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SubjectRe: [Bug #13846] Possible regression in rt61pci driver
On Monday 03 August 2009, Chris Clayton wrote:
> Hi Rafael,
> On Sunday 02 August 2009, Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
> > This message has been generated automatically as a part of a report
> > of recent regressions.
> >
> > The following bug entry is on the current list of known regressions
> > from 2.6.30. Please verify if it still should be listed and let me know
> > (either way).
> >
> The folks on the wireless project have concluded that the problem I reported is down to a hardware
> problem when power saving is switched on on for my Belkin cardbus wireless adapter, so now I simply
> turn power-saving off when wlan0 comes up. I did, however, ask whether anyone was going to fix the
> fact that once power-saving turns the LEDs off, they never come back on again, but I haven't had an
> answer. Is that a regression? I guess the answer is no, because power saving in the rt61pci driver
> is feature that is new to 2.6.31.

Well, IMO it is a regression, because it had worked before the power saving
feature was added.

> Should it be fixed? I think the answer is yes, but being unable to do it
> myself, I probably don't have a vote :-)

Well, if you remind the developers about the issue from time to time, it may
help. ;-)


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