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Subject[PATCH 0/12] ksm: stats, oom, doc, misc
Hi Izik,

Here's a set of twelve patches, which I think complete what I want
to do with KSM for current mmotm and 2.6.32: it's as I sent you in
a rollup last week, but with 1/12 and 10/12 added. Patches apply
to 2.6.31-rc5 plus our previous ten KSM patches, or to mmotm which
already includes those.

[PATCH 1/12] ksm: rename kernel_pages_allocated
[PATCH 2/12] ksm: move pages_sharing updates
[PATCH 3/12] ksm: pages_unshared and pages_volatile
[PATCH 4/12] ksm: break cow once unshared
[PATCH 5/12] ksm: keep quiet while list empty
[PATCH 6/12] ksm: five little cleanups
[PATCH 7/12] ksm: fix endless loop on oom
[PATCH 8/12] ksm: distribute remove_mm_from_lists
[PATCH 9/12] ksm: fix oom deadlock
[PATCH 10/12] ksm: sysfs and defaults
[PATCH 11/12] ksm: add some documentation
[PATCH 12/12] ksm: remove VM_MERGEABLE_FLAGS

Documentation/vm/00-INDEX | 2
Documentation/vm/ksm.txt | 89 +++++
include/linux/ksm.h | 31 +
kernel/fork.c | 1
mm/Kconfig | 1
mm/ksm.c | 574 ++++++++++++++++++++++--------------
mm/memory.c | 5
mm/mmap.c | 15
8 files changed, 498 insertions(+), 220 deletions(-)

If you and others are happy with these, please send them on to Andrew
(or else just point him to them); if not, then let's fix them first.


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