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SubjectRe: completely hide parts of the partition table from Windows?
Mikael Pettersson writes:
> Alan Cox writes:
> > > Any recommendations? If no existing partition table format is suitable
> > > for my use case then I'm perfectly willing to invent a simple new format
> > > and add the corresponding parser to the kernel.
> >
> > Or if its not the boot partition can you not just tell device mapper about
> > it and create a device mapper device of the offset ?
> I have no experience with the device mapper, but I'll give it a
> try and see how it works out. Thanks for the suggestion.

Doesn't work. I have unpartitioned space at the end of /dev/sda,
but attempting to dmsetup create test --table '0 N linear /dev/sda M'
fails in dm-table:__table_get_device() with -EBUSY. It does seem to
work if the disk in question has no mounted partitions, but that
won't be the case when the disk is in my laptop.

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