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    SubjectRe: Is adding requeue_delayed_work() a good idea
    On 08/20, Roland Dreier wrote:
    > My patch goes back to an open-coded version of delayed work that splits
    > the timer and the work struct. However it occurs to me that an API like
    > requeue_delayed_work() that does a mod_timer() on the delayed work
    > struct might be useful -- OTOH making this fully general and keeping
    > track of the work's pending bit etc seems perhaps a bit dicy.

    Completely agreed.

    We need some simple changes in timer.c. __mod_timer() already has
    pending_only, but requeue_delayed_work() needs another flag to prevent
    migrating to another CPU. Again, this is simple, let's suppose we have
    requeue_timer(timer) which works like mod_timer(pending_only => true)
    but never changes timer->base.

    The main question is: what should requeue_delayed_work(dwork) do when
    dwork->timer is not pending but dwork->work is queued or running?
    Should it cancel dwork->work is this case?

    If yes, then I don't understand how this new helper (which is good
    anyway) can help with this particular problem,

    > happens because the mad module does
    > cancel_delayed_work(&mad_agent_priv->timed_work);
    > while holding mad_agent_priv->lock. cancel_delayed_work() internally
    > does del_timer_sync(&mad_agent_priv->timed_work.timer).
    > This can turn into a deadlock because mad_agent_priv->lock is taken
    > inside cm_id_priv->lock, so we can get the following set of contexts
    > that deadlock each other:
    > A: holding cm_id_priv->lock, waiting for mad_agent_priv->lock
    > B: holding mad_agent_priv->lock, waiting for del_timer_sync()
    > C: interrupt during mad_agent_priv->timed_work.timer that takes
    > cm_id_priv->lock

    OK, suppose that we s/cancel_delayed_work/requeue_delayed_work/,
    then we seem to have the same deadlock

    A: holding cm_id_priv->lock, waiting for mad_agent_priv->lock
    B: holding mad_agent_priv->lock, waiting for requeue_delayed_work()
    which found !timer_pending() && queued work
    C: interrupt during work->func() that takes cm_id_priv->lock

    Perhaps, requeue_delayed_work() should cancel the pending work, but do
    not wait_on_work(). This is not trivial, we have to avoid livelocks if
    cancel_work_no_sync() races with queue_work()/etc. Perhaps,
    requeue_delayed_work() could return the error if it can't update the
    timer and can't cancel the work without spinning ?

    What dou you think?


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