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Subject[PATCH 0/7] update checkpatch to v0.29
Here is a few update for checkpatch that seem to have gotten lost
somewhere along the line, I though you had everything I had queued.
These have passed testing here, I have some more stuff in testing and I
will get those out soon.

This update brings an a number of minor fixes. Thanks for the

Complete changelog below.


Andy Whitcroft (5):
checkpatch: possible types -- else cannot start a type
checkpatch: indent checks -- stop when we run out of continuation
checkpatch: format strings should not have brackets in macros
checkpatch: limit sN/uN matches to actual bit sizes
checkpatch: version 0.29

Daniel Walker (1):
checkpatch: handle C99 comments correctly (performance issue)

Hannes Eder (1):
checkpatch: make -f alias --file, add --help, more verbose help

scripts/ | 84 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
1 files changed, 65 insertions(+), 19 deletions(-)

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