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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] ARM: Mailing lists have moved
    * Arnd Bergmann <> [2009-08-21 15:13:48+0200]:
    > On Friday 21 August 2009, David Woodhouse wrote:
    > > Russell no longer wants to maintain the mailing lists, so with his
    > > blessing I have set up replacements at
    > >
    > > Erik was helping to moderate the old list, and will continue to moderate
    > > the new one. Vince has kindly volunteered to do so too.
    > I guess you subscribed everyone to the new list who was subscribed
    > to before, but did not
    > move the "don't send any mail" flag.
    > I was only subscribed to the old list so that my own mails would
    > go through, but disabled reception of all other mails. No problem
    > for myself, but I think it would be good not to resubscribe anyone
    > who did not want to receive mails on the old list. Otherwise
    > we're risking a similar mess to what happened when the powerpc-dev
    > and powerpc mailing lists were merged.
    I subscribed to the list so I can post to it, however I read the list
    via GMANE's NNTP gateway. To prevent me having to 'read' posting from
    both my usenet client and email client, I enabled the 'don't send any
    mail' flag.

    I am guessing there are others like me out there so this would be an
    awkward 'fix'.


    Alexander Clouter
    .sigmonster says: Old MacDonald had an agricultural real estate tax abatement.

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