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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: add /proc/cpuinfo/physical id quirks
    * Suresh Siddha <>:
    > On Wed, 2009-08-19 at 14:02 -0700, Alex Chiang wrote:
    > > I agree with you (although I thought that they should be
    > > 0-based) but this quirk addresses a specific platform, where
    > > I can assume certain things about the BIOS, etc.
    > What happens if for some reason, newer bios/newer cpu
    > generations on this platform start having holes in the physical
    > id space? We can't rule out these kind of changes and we don't
    > want to go behind distros requesting fixes.
    > > I agree with you in general, but again, this is a specific
    > > platform quirk where I have a good idea of what is a
    > > supported configuration.
    > I am just nervous about future bios changes etc.

    Ok, let's separate the two conversations happening here.

    To me, the BIOS concerns are moot. I work closely with the BIOS
    engineers for this platform; I have knowledge of future plans for
    this BIOS and platform; and I know that they will not make any
    changes that break the assumptions in my patch.

    If they do, we will catch it during platform testing, file a bug,
    and not let them release their BIOS until it's fixed. Does that
    satisfy you? :)

    So the algorithm for mapping an APIC ID to a physical/chassis ID
    for this platform will not ever change.

    Now on the other hand, the /interface/ that we present to the
    user is the interesting conversation to have.

    > > > Easiest route will be to add a new entry in /proc/cpuinfo
    > >
    > > Well, if you remain unconvinced that fixing up 'physical id' is
    > > the proper thing to do, here are some alternate proposals:
    > >
    > > /proc/cpuinfo/chassis id
    > > /sys/devices/system/cpu/$cpu/chassis id
    > > /sys/devices/system/cpu/$cpu/topology/chassis id
    > >
    > I really like this alternate proposal. This is simple and straight
    > forward to everyone.

    I am leaning towards sysfs, and prefer:


    How does that sound?



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