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SubjectRe: [PATCH -tip v14 01/12] x86: instruction decoder API
On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 10:42:05AM -0400, Masami Hiramatsu wrote:
> Frederic Weisbecker wrote:
>> On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 04:34:13PM -0400, Masami Hiramatsu wrote:
>>> Add x86 instruction decoder to arch-specific libraries. This decoder
>>> can decode x86 instructions used in kernel into prefix, opcode, modrm,
>>> sib, displacement and immediates. This can also show the length of
>>> instructions.
>>> This version introduces instruction attributes for decoding instructions.
>>> The instruction attribute tables are generated from the opcode map file
>>> (x86-opcode-map.txt) by the generator script(gen-insn-attr-x86.awk).
>>> Currently, the opcode maps are based on opcode maps in Intel(R) 64 and
>>> IA-32 Architectures Software Developers Manual Vol.2: Appendix.A,
>>> and consist of below two types of opcode tables.
>>> 1-byte/2-bytes/3-bytes opcodes, which has 256 elements, are
>>> written as below;
>>> Table: table-name
>>> Referrer: escaped-name
>>> opcode: mnemonic|GrpXXX [operand1[,operand2...]] [(extra1)[,(extra2)...] [| 2nd-mnemonic ...]
>>> (or)
>>> opcode: escape # escaped-name
>>> EndTable
>>> Group opcodes, which has 8 elements, are written as below;
>>> GrpTable: GrpXXX
>>> reg: mnemonic [operand1[,operand2...]] [(extra1)[,(extra2)...] [| 2nd-mnemonic ...]
>>> EndTable
>>> These opcode maps include a few SSE and FP opcodes (for setup), because
>>> those opcodes are used in the kernel.
>> I'm getting the following build error on an old K7 box:
>> arch/x86/lib/inat.c: In function ‘inat_get_opcode_attribute’:
>> arch/x86/lib/inat.c:29: erreur: ‘inat_primary_table’ undeclared (first use in this function)
>> arch/x86/lib/inat.c:29: erreur: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once
>> arch/x86/lib/inat.c:29: erreur: for each function it appears in.)
> Thanks for reporting!
> Hmm, it seems that inat-tables.c is not correctly generated.
> Could you tell me which awk you used and send the inat-tables.c?
> Thank you,


$ awk -Wv
mawk 1.3.3 Nov 1996, Copyright (C) Michael D. Brennan

compiled limits:
max NF 32767
sprintf buffer 2040

And I've sent you the content of inat_tables.c in the other answer :)

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