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SubjectRe: [ANNOUNCE] Reiserfs/kill-bkl tree v2

* Frederic Weisbecker <> wrote:

> > e.g. running all the file system stress tests from LTP would be
> > a good idea, ideally multiple at a time on a multi processor
> > system on a ram disk or perhaps AIM9.
> Yeah good idea. But again, I fear my laptop hasn't enough memory
> to support big enough ramdisks mount points to host selftests.

Well, dont waste too much time on it (beyond the due diligence
level) - Andi forgot that the right way to stress-test patches is to
get through the review process and then through the integration
trees which have far more test exposure than any single contributor
can test.

Patch submitters cannot possibly test every crazy possibility that
is out there - nor should they: it just doesnt scale. What we expect
people to do is to write clean patches, to test the bits on their
own boxes and submit them to lkml and address specific review


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