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SubjectRe: WARNING at: drivers/char/tty_ldisc.c
> That's just a classic example of some of the crazy hacks we have in the 
> tty layers. I do wonder whether it's even necessary any more. Maybe we
> could just hang things up forcefully now and get rid of that console
> handling special case.
> But I guess that all does explain why it only happens in single-user mode.
> So exactly what _does_ happen if we get rid of that hack?

Serial console breaks if I remember rightly because the hangup takes out
the port and printk can't then use the resources that were attached to

redirected_tty_write should I think count for the redirection to
hung_up_tty_fops, but I'm not sure you want to do the hangup instead of

You could just finish the ldisc refcounting. The last set of patches you
had off me split tty->ldisc from struct tty ready to do exactly that and
I don't think there is anything left that stops it happening now (It was
just not ready in time)

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