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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/12] cleanup __build_sched_domains()

* Andreas Herrmann <> wrote:

> Hi,
> Following patches try to make __build_sched_domains() less ugly
> and more readable. They shouldn't be harmful. Thus I think they
> can be applied for .32.
> Patches are against tip/master as of today.
> FYI, I need those patches as a base for introducing a new domain
> level for multi-node CPUs for which I intend to sent patches as
> RFC asap.

Very nice cleanups!

Magny-Cours indeed will need one more sched-domains level,
something like:

[smt thread]
internal numa node
cpu socket
external numa node

... which is certainly interesting, especially since the hierarchy
possibly 'crosses', i.e. we might have the two internal numa nodes
share a L2 or L3 cache, right?

I'd also not be surprised if the load-balancer needed some care to
properly handle such a setup.

It's all welcome work in any case, and for .32.


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