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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86, mce: therm_throt: don't log redundant normality

* Hugh Dickins <> wrote:

> Hi Dmitry,
> I'm delighted to find your
> 0d01f31439c1e4d602bf9fdc924ab66f407f5e38 "x86, mce: therm_throt -
> change when we print messages" in rc6: thank you.
> I too had been annoyed by "critical" CPU1 Temperature/speed normal
> messages, with no indication that anything had been abnormal:
> after resume on a Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile (whereas startup
> decided the Duo's CPU0 Thermal monitoring would be handled by SMI
> not by MCE).
> I hadn't reported it yet, because I couldn't quite work out what
> to do about it: your patch looks good, so long as someone else
> doesn't have a machine which jumps between throttled and
> unthrottled too quickly.
> But could we add one more thing on top of your patch? Though it
> no longer keeps announcing "I am normal", can we please also get
> rid of the accompanying "Machine check events logged" message too?
> If the non-event isn't worth showing (I agree that it isn't), then
> I think it's not worth logging either.

Yeah, makes sense - i've queued it up, thanks Hugh!


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