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    SubjectRe: [BUG] [hwmon] linux 2.6.31-rc6 regression
    > > The hwmon driver is attempting to allocate a region that's also used by 
    > > your ACPI firmware. There's no way to synchronise access between the
    > > kernel and the firmware, so allowing both is potentially racy - we've
    > > seen numerous cases where the combination results in the system
    > > incorrectly generating critical temperatuer shutdowns, for instance,
    > > when some other indexed access gets interpreted as the temperature or
    > > when the hwmon chip's state machine is confused. The failure of hwmon to
    > > bind is a feature here, not a bug. You can override it with
    > > acpi_enforce_resources=no on the kernel command line.
    > But we don't introduce »features« that break hardware monitoring on
    > numerous machines in rc6 normally, IIRC.
    > If this so important and critical to you, than just add a »hyperstrict«
    > parameter to acpi_enforce_resources or make »lax« the default.

    This is a bug fix not a feature - clashing hwmon and ACPI can seriously
    screw up a system, cause it to do things like shutdown randomly and the

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