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Subject[patch 00/15] clocksource / timekeeping rework V4 (resend V3 + bug fix)
version 4 of the clocksource / timekeeping cleanup patches. If you
wonder why version 3 did not show up on the mailing list: I had a
hiccup with quilt which did strange things to the message ids and
the post to lkml got rejected. Sorry for the spamming of the people
on Cc.

John pointed out a subtle bug in v3 of the patch set with the reset of
the cycle_last value in timekeeping_resume. Fixed in v4.

The latest additions are:
1) Change read_persistent_clock to return a struct timespec instead of
an unsigned long with the number of seconds.
2) Introduce read_boot_clock to initialize wall_to_monotonic.
3) Move the reset of cycle_last to zero from the timekeeping code to
the TSC code.

The patch set is based on todays upstream tree plus the patches from
the tip tree, if anyone wants to try them you need to pull from the
master branch of

Keeping the fingers crossed that this is now really done.
John already gave his thumbs up for the patch series, so the next
logical question is who is going to sit on the patches until the merge
window is opened? I can certainly create a git branch on git390 for
them, but the patches depend on some patches in the x86-tip tree.
Thomas, any thoughts?

blue skies,

"Reality continues to ruin my life." - Calvin.

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