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SubjectRe: implementing Futex
On Friday 14 August 2009, Michael Schnell wrote:
> Does that mean that both in fact do run in the same mode (I suppose
> Kernel Mode and thus the CPU's "System Mode" rather than the CPU's "User
> Mode".


> With that - and supposing that as of Kernel 2.6.31 the sh code I see in
> Kernel 2.6.30 is used in /asm/generic, I would be able to just use the
> "generic" case for "implementing" a working Futex syscall for the NIOS).

Well, I haven't put that code into asm-generic/futex.h yet and it's
too late for 2.6.31, but it should get there eventually, if one of us
four submits a tested patch ;-).

In the meantime, I suggest you use a plain copy of the sh version.

Arnd <><

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