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SubjectRe: [PATCH] MAINTAINERS: Add "L: " to ARM sections
Joe Perches wrote:
> Your request to the Linux-arm-kernel mailing list
> Posting of your message titled "[PATCH] MAINTAINERS - arm
> patterns?"
> has been rejected by the list moderator. The moderator gave the
> following reason for rejecting your request:
> "Non-members are not allowed to post messages to this list. You have
> to subscribe before you're allowed to post. "

Prior to subscribing, I receive those a couple of times after doing
group-reply to some cross-posted thread on another list, probably
uclinux or lkml.

I didn't bother tracking down who I should complain too, as the
message makes it clear what the policy is, even though it turns out
that isn't policy - how was I to know?

Btw, I had no idea the ARM lists had two maintainers.

- Jamie

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