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SubjectRe: compcache as a pre-swap area (was: [PATCH] swap: send callback when swap slot is freed)
On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 10:35 AM, Al Boldi<> wrote:
> Nitin Gupta wrote:
>> BTW, last time compcache was not accepted due to lack of performance
>> numbers. Now the project has lot more data for various cases:
>> Still need to collect data for worst-case behaviors and such...
> I checked the link, and it looks like you are positioning compcache as a swap
> replacement.  If so, then repositioning it as a compressed pre-swap area
> working together with normal swap-space, if available, may yield a much more
> powerful system.

compcache is really not really a swap replacement. Its just another
swap device that
compresses data and stores it in memory itself. You can have disk
based swaps along
with ramzswap (name of block device).

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