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    SubjectRe: vma_merge issue
    On Wed, Aug 12, 2009 at 2:26 PM, Hugh Dickins<> wrote:
    > On Mon, 10 Aug 2009, Bill Speirs wrote:
    >> I came across an issue where adjacent pages are not properly coalesced
    >> together when changing protections on them. This can be shown by doing
    >> the following:
    >> 1) Map 3 pages with PROT_NONE and MAP_PRIVATE | MAP_ANONYMOUS
    >> 2) Set the middle page's protection to PROT_READ | PROT_WRITE
    >> 3) Set the middle page's protection back to PROT_NONE
    >> You are left with 3 entries in /proc/self/map where you should only
    >> have 1. If you only change the protection to PROT_READ in step 2, then
    >> it is properly merged together. I noticed in mprotect.c the following
    >> comment in the function mprotect_fixup; I'm not sure if it applies or
    >> not:
    >>         /*
    >>          * If we make a private mapping writable we increase our commit;
    >>          * but (without finer accounting) cannot reduce our commit if we
    >>          * make it unwritable again.
    > [ the following lines of the comment are not relevant here so I'll delete ]
    >>          */
    >> I think this only applies to setting charged = nrpages; however,
    >> VM_ACCOUNT is also added to newflags. Could it be that the adjacent
    >> blocks don't have VM_ACCOUNT and so the call to vma_merge cannot merge
    >> because the flags for the adjacent vma are not the same?
    > That's right, and it is working as intended.
    > To allow people to set up enormous PROT_READ,MAP_PRIVATE mappings
    > "for free", we don't account those initially, but only as parts
    > are mprotected writable later: at that point they're accounted,
    > and marked VM_ACCOUNT so that we know it's been done (and don't
    > double account later on).
    > So your middle page has been accounted (one page added to
    > /proc/meminfo's Committed_AS, which isn't allowed to exceed CommitLimit
    > if /proc/sys/vm/overcommit_memory is 2 to disable overcommit), but the
    > neighbouring pages have not been accounted: so we need separate vmas
    > for them, I'm afraid, since that accounting is done per vma.
    >> Can anyone shed some light on this? While it isn't an issue for 3
    >> pages, I'm mmaping 200K+ pages and changing the perms on random pages
    >> throughout and then back but I quickly run into the max_map_count when
    >> I don't actually need that many mappings.
    > But that's easily dealt with: just make your mmap PROT_READ|PROT_WRITE,
    > which will account for the whole extent; then mprotect it all PROT_NONE,
    > which will take you to your previous starting position; then proceed as
    > before - the vmas should get merged as they are reset back to PROT_NONE.
    > That works, doesn't it?

    Unfortunately, that doesn't work. When I mmap pages as PROT_WRITE it
    is checked against the CommitLimit and returns with ENOMEM as I'm
    mmaping a lot of pages. However, I don't actually want to be charged
    for that memory, as I won't be using all of it. This is why I mmap as
    PROT_NONE as I'm not charged for it. Then when I set a page to
    PROT_WRITE I get charged (which is expected and OK), but then going
    back to PROT_NONE I don't get "uncharged". This makes sense as I could
    simply PROT_WRITE that page again and I should be charged. However, I
    have no way (that I know of) to tell the kernel "I'm done with this
    page, don't charge me for it, and set it's protection to PROT_NONE."
    I've tried madvise with MADV_DONTNEED but that doesn't seem to remove
    the VM_ACCOUNT flag.

    I have seen an mm patch that introduces MADV_FREE, which I believe
    removes the VM_ACCOUNT flag and decrements the commit charge. Does it
    make sense to have this type of functionality? Can I get this same
    type of functionality (start without being charged for a page, use it,
    then un-use it and remove the charge for it?) currently?

    > (I must offer a big thank you: replying to your mail just after writing
    > a mail about the ZERO_PAGE, brings me to realize - if I'm not mistaken -
    > that we broke the accounting of initially non-writable anonymous areas
    > when we stopped using the ZERO_PAGE there, but marked readfaulted pages
    > as dirty.  Looks like another argument to bring them back.)

    I'm not 100% sure what you're talking about with respect to ZERO_PAGE,
    but I'm happy to help :-)

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