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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH] ia64: convert to dynamic percpu allocator
Yu, Fenghua wrote:
>> Yu, Fenghua wrote:
>>> After cloning from
>>> git://, kernel
>>> built with CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM=y boots ok.
>>> After pulling from review-ia64, kernel built with
>>> CONFIG_DISCONTIGMEM=y can not boot on ia64. After loading kernel and
>>> initrd, system hangs and doesn't show anything on serial port.
>> Heh, I didn't really expect it to work that easily either. The code
>> builds but is completely untested (I can't test them). Can you try to
>> track it down? Serial console should be up and running at that point,
>> no?
>> Thanks.
> IA64 kernel boots hit this in mm/percpu.c
> BUG_ON(ai->unit_size < size_sum);
> ai->unit_size is PERCPU_PAGE_SIZE which is 64K on IA64. size_sum is
> relatively smaller than 64K.
> PAGE_SIZE or the bigger one between the current definition and


* Is ai->reserved_size necessary for ia64? This is necessary if
there's linking range restriction when loading modules.
ai->reserved_size guarantees that all static module percpu variables
are allocated in the first chunk which will be in the linear address
range and very close to __per_cpu_start. If ai->reserved_size is
not set, these areas are likely to end up high in the vmalloc area.

For example, x86_64 assumes 32bit relocations should be enough to
link module symbols and thus needs to set reserved_size but x86_32
can link to the whole 32bit space and thus can leave reserved_size
at zero.

* After determining the above, we can set ai->dyn_size to be

ai->dyn_size = min(ai->unit_size - ai->static_size - ai->reserved_size,

Would the above work?

> Even with the above PAGE_SIZE changes, the kernel still reports
> warning from 952: WARN_ON(chunk->immutable) and then panic.

Hah... strange. Can you please attach full boot log? This is
dicontig configuration, right?



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