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    SubjectRe: [PATCHv2 0/2] vhost: a kernel-level virtio server
    On Wednesday 12 August 2009, Gregory Haskins wrote:
    > >> Are you saying SRIOV is a requirement, and I can either program the
    > >> SRIOV adapter with a mac or use promis? Or are you saying I can use
    > >> SRIOV+programmed mac OR a regular nic + promisc (with a perf penalty).
    > >
    > > SRIOV is not a requirement. And you can also use a dedicated
    > > nic+programmed mac if you are so inclined.
    > Makes sense. Got it.
    > I was going to add guest-to-guest to the test matrix, but I assume that
    > is not supported with vhost unless you have something like a VEPA
    > enabled bridge?

    If I understand it correctly, you can at least connect a veth pair
    to a bridge, right? Something like

    veth0 - veth1 - vhost - guest 1
    eth0 - br0-|
    veth2 - veth3 - vhost - guest 2

    It's a bit more complicated than it need to be, but should work fine.

    Arnd <><

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