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SubjectRe: *PING* [PATCH]: x86: mce: fix mce warning with disabled lapic

* Andi Kleen <> wrote:

> *PING* can someone please take the patch in there and process the
> other suggestions?

Firstly, a basic patch submission technical matter: could you please
stop spamming maintainers of the x86/MCE code with such '*PING*'
private mails, for patches you never properly submitted to begin

The proper way to submit an upstream kernel fix, as you should well
be aware of, is to send a patch with a proper title and to Cc: it to
lkml and the maintainers affected. You never did that, you only
posted a for-testing patch into a discussion. Please stop this
self-important posturing, it's somewhat annoying.

Also, another, patch log quality issue, please credit Johannes
properly. You put this into the changelog:

> Originally reported by Johannes Stezenbach
> This is a 2.6.31 candidate because it fixes a regression.
> Signed-off-by: Andi Kleen <>

The proper way is to put this into the changelog:

Reported-by: Johannes Stezenbach <>

And given that Johannes also tested the patch, another line of:

Tested-by: Johannes Stezenbach <>

Would be appropriate as well.

Thirdly, we can do better with the fix itself too:

> +++ linux/arch/x86/kernel/cpu/mcheck/therm_throt.c
> @@ -236,6 +236,9 @@ void intel_init_thermal(struct cpuinfo_x
> int tm2 = 0;
> u32 l, h;
> + if (!cpu_has_apic || disable_apic)
> + return;
> +
> /* Thermal monitoring depends on ACPI and clock modulation*/
> if (!cpu_has(c, X86_FEATURE_ACPI) || !cpu_has(c, X86_FEATURE_ACC))
> return;

we already have that X86_FEATURE_ACPI and X86_FEATURE_ACC check and
a return statement. Would be better to expand that with the APIC
checks. Plus update the comment to also mention APIC as a
requirement plus fix the small error in the comment too while at it.

If these problems are fixed i'll apply the fix to tip:x86/urgent.



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